Thirteen years ago, Roger Wheeler decided he wanted to start coming home from work with a smile on his face. After 22 years in the banking industry, he wanted to start focusing more on what he enjoyed the most- making customers happy. Roger decided to use his family values to start his own business and with his expertise in the business and banking industries, he started Wheeler Mortgage to help people on the ground level with buying their homes and working to achieve their personal financial goals.

After 2 years, Matt decided to come back to Atlantic Canada after working in the United States and came on board with his father at Wheeler Mortgage. Both with different strengths but similar values, this father-son partnership flourished. Roger and Matt have a reputation for fighting for their clients and they won’t give up on their clients, a skill they attribute to their history of playing competitive sports.

Their implicit trust in each other and strong relationships with lenders mean that they can provide the best possible advice for their clients and enjoy educating their customers so that the customers can play a larger part in understanding their financial future.

Roger and Matt are the backbone of Wheeler Mortgage, and will work together and with you to find the best, personalized solution for you.